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Managing a marketing agency or an in-house marketing team? Marketing surveys have the power to lift and expand your marketing efforts.

Adjust these marketing survey templates to fit your brand voice. Cover a wide range of marketing, from branding questionnaires to customer churn surveys.

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Market Research Survey Template

Discover new insights for your market fit

Branding Questionnaire Template

Get insights to navigate the market and build your brand

Customer Success Story Questionnaire Template

Ask your customers how they use your product – and use their story to inspire others

Voice of the Customer Survey Template

Find out what your customers really think of you and your product

(CES) Customer Effort Score Survey Template

Use insights to reduce churn and boost customer loyalty

Media Usage Survey Template

Get a handle on your audience's media habits, and use insights to inform your marketing strategy

Customer Analysis Survey Template

Gather deeper insights from your clients and their customers, and use them to improve

Event Questionnaire Template

Gauge guests’ expectations and desires and use insights to plan a great event

Email Design Questionnaire Template

Collect everything you need for a full brief and use it to create better emails

Competitor Research Survey Template

Boost your market position by staying two steps ahead of the competition

Path To Purchase Survey Template

Find out what motivates your customers’ purchasing decisions

Cancellation Survey Template

Find out how to improve your product, reduce churn and even convince customers to stay

Magazine Reader Survey Template

Complete market research on magazine readership

Business Impact Survey Template

Assess how businesses are being affected by major change

Consumer Preference Survey Template

Learn more about consumers' buying decisions

Phone Survey Template

Do market research on cell phone and app use

Technology Survey Template

Find out what people think of the technology they use at work or school

Program Satisfaction Survey Template

Find out what people think of your program and use the results to improve

Commuting Survey Template

Research transport habits and trends

Fashion Marketing Questionnaire Template

Find out how fashion marketing influences the public

Consumer Behavior Survey Template

Understand your customers' purchasing lifecycle

Food Survey Template

Find out more about people’s food and eating habits

Pricing Survey Template

Are you providing good value for money? Ask your customers

Value Proposition Survey Template

What does your product offer to your customers? Find out with a survey

Retrospective Survey Template

Prepare talking points ahead of your meeting

Customer Attitudes Survey Template

Understand your customer better and shape your product development

Firmographics Survey Template

Find out more about your target market with segmentation data

Skin Care Survey Template

Find out how your customers approach their skin care

Customer Loss Survey Template

Get closure and find out why they left

Process Improvement Survey Template

Streamline your processes and understand how to best implement changes

Sustainability Survey Template

Are you green enough? Ask your employees for their input

Quality Assurance Survey Template

Keep your customers happy by ensuring high quality services

Presentation Feedback Survey Template

How did your presentation go? Ask your audience for feedback

Newsletter Feedback Survey Template

Are your readers enjoying your newsletter? Find out before they unsubscribe

Brand Personality Survey Template

Better understand market perceptions of your brand

Advertising Effectiveness Survey Template

Find out more about how your ad performs

Mystery Shopper Survey Template

Provide your mystery shoppers with an online survey form to submit their findings

Market Segmentation Survey Template

ind out more about your contacts and segment them into groups

Client Questionnaire Template

Quickly get to know newly acquired clients

Training Evaluation Survey Template

Get feedback on your training sessions

Customer Retention Survey Template

Discover what keeps your clients coming back

Conference Evaluation Survey Template

Get feedback from your event with an online survey

Website User Experience Survey Template

Ask your website visitors how good their experience was

Brand Perception Survey Template

Find out what people think of your brand with this simple form

Target Market Survey Template

Learn more about your market and create a more targeted marketing approach

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Survey Template

Find out what's important when it comes to your company’s CSR policy

Gym Satisfaction Survey Template

Find out how to improve your facilities and keep your gym patrons happy

User Satisfaction Survey Template

Are you keeping your users happy? Find out by building a custom online survey

Vendor Satisfaction Survey Template

Improve your vendor relationships with results from this online survey.

Meeting Feedback Survey Template

Are your meetings productive? Create a post-meeting survey and find out.

Online Community Needs Assessment Survey Template

Get insights into what your community need with an easy to build online template

Podcast Survey Template

What do your listeners want to hear about? Create a simple online form to find out.

Workshop Feedback Survey Template

Gather feedback from participants on your workshop experience

Social Media Survey Template

Find out how your audience is using social media with a simple online survey

Net Promoter Score® (NPS) Survey Template

Find out how willing your customers are to share your brand with their friends or colleagues

Price Sensitivity Survey Template

Get the feedback you need to price your product correctly

Customer Onboarding Feedback Survey Template

Make your customer success team even stronger by getting feedback on them direct from the customer

Churn Survey Template

Find out why customers are leaving you – and prevent future churn

Website Questionnaire Template

Get valuable feedback about your website with this template
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