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Evaluate with ease and spend more time taking action with our range of evaluation form templates. Improve your employee engagement, get feedback on an event or course.

Use our builder to quickly edit design, drag and drop questions and setup integrations to your favourite apps. Get started with one of our free online evaluation form templates today.

Employee Evaluation Form Template

Give employees feedback they can act on

Customer Feedback Form Template

Beautiful, fun, easy to complete. Comes with useful rating questions

360 Degree Feedback Form Template

Create a culture of feedback to develop your team

Post-Event Evaluation Form Template

Did your event meet guests’ expectations? Only one way to find out...

Mentor Evaluation Form Template

Are your mentors pointing people in the right direction? Find out what learners think, and help your mentors get better too.

Lecturer Evaluation Form Template

See how satisfied students are with their lecturer's teaching style and approach

Speaker Evaluation Form Template

Collect in-depth feedback on your speakers and use insights to improve

Health Evaluation Form Template

Gather key health information with a simple form, and let our integrations arrange your data

Annual Evaluation Form Template

Create a straightforward employee evaluation process—starting with a simple online form

Physical Therapist Evaluation Form Template

There's a lot you can learn from your patients. Use their insights to improve your treatments.

Business Evaluation Form Template

Use insights from your customers to inform future marketing campaigns

90-Day Evaluation Form Template

Create a simple form for employee performance reviews and make your evaluations easier

Supplier Evaluation Form Template

Are your current suppliers still right for you? Time to find out.

Soccer Player Evaluation Form Template

Collect feedback on your players ahead of tryouts and team evaluations

Restaurant Employee Evaluation Form Template

Are your guests being served with a smile? Give your employees better feedback and evaluations.

Preschool Teacher Evaluation Form Template

Get feedback from parents on your preschool teachers with an online evaluation form

Food Service Employee Evaluation Form Template

Get feedback on your servers with a people-friendly form, and use insights to improve

Student Self Evaluation Form Template

Time for students to reflect? This form asks the right questions.

Student Performance Evaluation Template

Keep track of your students' progress with a form that dives deeper

Employee Coaching Form Template

To grow your business, you've got to help your employees grow, too. This is where it all starts.

Lecture Evaluation Form Template

Gather feedback and learn how to improve your lectures with an online form

Activity Evaluation Form Template

Make it easy for people to give you feedback on your activities and keep improving your business.

Executive Director Evaluation Form

Good leadership can make or break a company—and a feedback form with input from employees can help them on their way

Presentation Evaluation Form Template

Level-up your team’s presentations by collecting feedback to help them improve

Instructor Evaluation Form Template

Become your students’ favorite teacher with this evaluation form

Employee Performance Appraisal Form Template

Get your employee performance reviews done in style and provide useful feedback

Team Leader Evaluation Form

Give people an easy way to provide feedback on their team leaders

New Product Evaluation Form Template

Use customer insights to spot and fix product issues early on

Group Evaluation Form Template

Find out how well your students or teams worked together on a group project.

Hotel Employee Evaluation Form

Collect honest, actionable feedback on your staff and pinpoint areas for improvement

Course Evaluation Form Template

Turn the tables: time to learn from your students

Volunteer Evaluation Form Template

Find out what volunteers need from you to keep them coming back.

Team Evaluation Form Template

Set your teams up for success with better feedback

Seminar Evaluation Form Template

Find out what it takes to keep attendees coming back.

Product Evaluation Form Template

The answers to growing your business? Your customers have them.

Training Evaluation Form Template

Get honest and better feedback from participants.

Peer Evaluation Form Template

Interactive forms get better feedback. Try it.

Interview Evaluation Form Template

Structure your interview feedback with a beautiful, customizable form

Coaching Feedback Form Template

Reach your full potential with a coaching feedback form template

Meeting Feedback Form Template

A fun meeting feedback form template to make boring meetings a thing of the past

Class Feedback Form Template

Evaluate your classes with a smart, beautiful form

Software Evaluation Form Template

Improve your software product by getting feedback from users with this easy-to-use market research template

Event Feedback Form Template

Say thanks to your guests and ask them what they thought

Self Evaluation Form Template

Prepare your team for more effective appraisals

Teacher Evaluation Form Template

Find out ways to improve so you can master your classes

Course Feedback Survey Template

Does your course make the grade? Get detailed answers and boost student satisfaction

Website Feedback Survey Template

What do people think of your website? Find out with this survey
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