• ChallengeKeep learners engaged throughout a 30-day online course for beginners in app development
  • SolutionDaily worksheets built in Typeform to accompany video tutorials
  • ResultIncreased learner engagement and accountability, increased Facebook community activity among users

Attention spans are at an all-time low. Sorry, hang on, I just need to sign up for this three-hour webinar about how to become a clown. Oh crap, that Twitch stream of the silent peanut butter jar is about to start. Wait there, my nephew just ticktocked me and I've gone horribly viral...

Where was I? Ah yes, attention spans. With so much competing for our brainspace these days, keeping online audiences engaged is becoming increasingly hard. Are you still there or did you disappear down one of those rabbit holes from the first paragraph? OK, phew.

If you're running an online training course where students need to work under their own steam, things are particularly tough. Who wants to knuckle down every day to pay attention to your virtual lessons when there are pictures of wakeboarding dogs to look at?

One Typeform user has found an innovative way to keep their online learners switched on. Passion.io offers a 30-day training course for users of its app platform. Let's find out how they are using Typeform to increase learner engagement, stimulate the Passion.io user community, and consequently reduce churn.

Prepare to be taught a lesson in keeping your audience engaged via the interactive case study below. Now pay attention, class...

Keen to check out one of Passion.io's worksheets from the story? Take a look .

What's next?

Are you running online courses for your customers? Here are some resources that might give you some tips on improving engagement:

  • Check out this full-length video of our chat with Liam, where he goes into more depth about the training course and how the worksheets are embedded into it.

  • Find out how Typeform's Thinkific integration could help you create personalized, interactive typeforms to capture student feedback on your courses.

  • Engage your learners and test their knowledge by building a quiz in Typeform. Get our quiz templates and examples here.

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