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There’s something about a quiz that’s hard to scroll past. We all want to know what category we fit in, or just how much we know about a subject.

Our quiz templates help you set up a quiz in no time for your content marketing strategy. They’re completely customizable, so you won’t be restricted by our designs or branding.

We’ve given you free reign to create a quiz that resonates with your audience. You know your customer best, so we’ve made sure you can write and edit all the text, including call-to-action buttons.

Digital Marketing Quiz Template

Think you know your ARRs from your AARRRs?

Trivia Quiz Template

A fun way to engage your audience. Scores correct answers as you go

Social Quiz Template

Entertain your audience with a stunning template

Social Media Quiz Template

Test your social media marketing knowledge

Star Wars Quiz Template

May the force of the quizzes be with you

Picture Quiz Template

Use this picture quiz template to create your own branded visual quiz experience.

Multiple Choice Quiz Template

A template to build a branded multiple-choice quiz and keep your audience engaged

Personality Quiz Template

Adapt this personality quiz to build engagement, generate leads, and sell more

Product Recommendation Quiz Template

Use this product recommendation quiz example to give customers a personalized and engaging shopping experience

Brand Personality Quiz Template

Create a fun quiz, and collect leads.

Leadership Style Quiz Template

Find out what kind of leader you are, and how to harness your strengths

Branding Quiz Template

Find out who the brand experts are

Entrepreneur Quiz Template

Find out if you have what it takes to succeed in business

Advertising Quiz Template

How much do you know about the world of advertising?

Consumer Behavior Quiz Template

Test your knowledge of consumer behavior

Lead Generation Quiz Template

Test your audience on their marketing knowledge and collect leads in the process

Productivity Quiz Template

Are you good at staying on task? Test your productivity skills

Marketing Research Quiz Template

Separate the experts from the rookies with this marketing research quiz

Cultural Fit Quiz Template

Find out if you’re a good cultural fit for this startup. And for God’s sake, don’t forget your mustache wax.

Billionaire Quiz Template

Are Billionaires just like us? Or did Billy G really spend a thousand bucks on sushi?

Irish Quiz Template

Want to know if you’re really Irish? Don’t have a DNA test handy? You’re in luck—this Irish quiz is the next best thing (apparently).

Vampire Quiz Template

Gone off garlic recently? Had to up your SPF? Don’t take the risk—take this quiz

Harry Potter Trivia Quiz Template

On a scale of muggle to Potterhead, how big of a Harry Potter fan are you?

Steven Spielberg Quiz Template

Challenge your friends and see who’s the biggest Spielberg buff

Logo Quiz Template

Do these logos ring a bell? Let’s see how spongy your subconscious mind is

Stranger Things Trivia Quiz Template

Can you score an 11? Let's find out...

Gaming Quiz Template

Game for a quiz? Eternal glory is a couple of clicks away...

Flags of the World Quiz

Flaggor. Banderas. 旗. Can you get 'em all?

Vocabulary Quiz Template

An engaging way to test people's grasp of words
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