Hi there. Kim here, CEO of Typeform.

I’m delighted to kick off the new year with some great news. After a long search, I am very happy to announce that Irana Wasti is joining us as our new Chief Product Officer.

Irana will drive our Product, Design, Growth, and Partnerships teams, as Typeform continues to shape the next generation of meaningful digital interactions. She brings a passion for building user-centered products, and a long track record of successful product-driven growth.

Previously, Irana has led global teams helping small businesses and everyday entrepreneurs start, grow, and run their online businesses at GoDaddy and Intuit. Now, her customer-first approach will pave the way for better online experiences and more meaningful conversations for the millions of people who interact with typeforms daily.

Here’s Irana in her own words:

At Typeform, we aim to become the premiere interface for brands to interact with their audiences. By putting a more human touch on digital interactions, our customers are able to better connect with the people that matter most to them: their customers, employees, and communities.

From my earliest conversations with Irana, it was clear that her principles, experience, and leadership abilities were synced with the mission and vision of Typeform. As our conversations have continued, I’m increasingly inspired by her people-first approach, and her drive to create better digital tools that enable more meaningful online interactions at scale.

Exciting times ahead as Irana leads us into the future of more personal and conversational experiences.

Love from Barcelona,

Joaquim “Kim” Lecha

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